IRR Black™ is used in many applications where conventional carbon black is used for reinforcing and tinting, primarily in the rubber and plastics markets. IRR Black has been shown to replace conventional carbon black in many applications.  These products are used across multiple industries including automotive, construction, agriculture, electronics and industrial segments such as equipment, motors and HVAC.


A Better Carbon Black

IRR Black is an alternative form of carbon black that can be used in many applications that conventional carbon black is used. As the product is ‘recovered’ from end of life tires, it retains much of the original performance characteristics of the original grades of carbon black that went into the tire when it was initially produced. IRR Black can be a suitable replacement for many ‘coarse’ grades of carbon black (N500-N700 series) and can be compounded with virgin blacks to produce comparable performance properties. This makes IRR Black an ideal choice as an alternative product in many applications requiring reinforcing or tinting.

IRR Black enables optimal processing in customer manufacturing operations.


High Energy Oil

IRR’s process also recovers a liquid phase, organic condensate product often referred to as ‘pyrolysis oil.’ This oil has high energy value similar to that of a #2 fuel oil allowing it to be sold into various applications and can be further refined into higher value specialty products.


Gas Energy Source

Currently the pyrolitic gas generated is consumed within IRR’s production process. Excess gas can be used to generate electricity, thereby offsetting operating costs for IRR and our partners on the same site.