Reusing Tires

Tires continuously need to be replaced over the life of the vehicle. The fact that tires wear out before the vehicle does, creates about 300M waste tires every year in the United States. What to do with these used tires has been a problem since automobiles were invented. Additionally, the shape and form of a tire poses a problem when trying to dispose of it. As a result, landfills require used tires to be cut into smaller pieces, thereby consuming less space in the landfill. And with new landfills not favorably viewed by society, current landfill space is at a premium, making this option more and more expensive. Add to this that those tires will remain in their current form in the landfill effectively ‘forever’ and you have a perfect scenario for a ‘better solution’ to be developed.

That is why Integrated Resource Recovery was created – to solve a problem for society by taking ‘municipal solid waste’ and transforming it into value added raw materials and sources of energy.

How We Do It

Integrated Resource Recovery processes ‘end of life’ tires by:

  1. Recovering the carbon black products that were used to produce the tire initially
  2. Producing high energy oil products that can be used as fuel
  3. Producing a synthetic gas that can be used as fuel for electricity generation or burned as a source of energy