Integrated Resource Recovery’s mission is to be the leading provider of high-value, performance materials produced from recyclable resources. These products deliver an economically attractive, environmentally sensitive alternative to existing products made with conventional petroleum based technologies. Our objectives will be achieved through operational excellence, social responsibility and superior financial performance, in a clean and safe workplace.

Our Industry


As the problem of what to do with scrap tires is not new, a number of different approaches exist in the industry. These usually include some form of shredding to reduce the space the tires consume and make the resulting product more easily handled.

The majority of tire shred produced is consumed in ‘destructive’ applications, those being uses where the value of the material is reduced or destroyed. Much of this shred is sent to landfills for disposal, generating negative value. IRR’s process ‘upgrades’ this tire shred by reclaiming raw materials used to produce the tire initially, and producing oil and gas that can be used to generate energy, thereby reducing demand on energy sources of petroleum or natural gas.

Our Advantage


IRR’s competitive advantage lies in its process and cost efficiency.  Using shredded tires as our raw material, IRR is able to recover more than 97% of the input mass of the raw material as a ‘first intent’ finished product.  These products are either marketed and sold, or are consumed within our process, reducing the need to purchase energy required to operate the process.

Additionally, the excess process gas can be used to fuel electricity generation, creating further value for IRR.